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Reed Diffusers


The diffuser market has seen a massive growth. Diffusers are now a key product of the home fragrance market, many retailers are stocking diffusers in many different sizes, at many different price points. They aren't that seasonal so we do see strong sales all year round.



Candles have always been steady sellers within the home fragrance market, they are more of a seasonal line, selling more in the autumn/winter months. There has been an uplift in sales in the jar and tin candle market.

Pot Pourri 


Pot pourri sales have dropped off slightly compared to 5 years ago, retailers stocking 8 fragrances may only choose to offer 2 fragrances in pot pourri. There is still a market for pot pourri, especially in the winter months with big bags of pine cones!

Refresher oils, Room Sprays and Accessories 


Refresher oils have grown within the last 2 years, especially in bigger pack sizes, such as a 3 or a 4 pack. Room sprays are more of a secondary selling home fragrance line, that higher end retailers do well with. 

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