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Retailers We Supply

We supply many different retailers with home fragrance products, from discounters, to supermarkets, to home stores and high end high street retailers.  


We pride ourselves on having manufacturing in 3 countries, as well as stock holding facilities in the UK. We offer market trends, store audits, as well as being able to offer in fill lines with in 4-6 weeks of product approval to the UK and all European countries.



S&N UK has been established since 1997. We manufacture all of our liquid filled products in the UK, which include room sprays, oils and diffusers.​ We manufacture over a million diffusers a year in the UK.  Our sizeable warehousing facilities give us space, allowing us to keep common components that we buy from overseas from China & India in stock, such as glass, reeds and acetates - enabling quick turnaround, so we can efficiently react to sales.

We also hold stock that has been produced in S&N China or India in our UK distribution facilities, meaning we can deliver stock in weekly/fornightly in line with sales reactions to our products

S&N China

​S&N China is based in Shanghai, this was established in 2019 and is the newest addition to the S&N family, this is where our candles and now the manufacturing of diffusers and oils can take place. We have capabilities to produce over 1 million diffusers and oils a year, as well as capacity to produce over 2 million candles a year. 

S&N Shanghai has been set up as a replicate company of S&N UK, audited ethically and quality wise to the same standard and works very closely with the UK office. Members of staff from the UK frequently travel and spend time in the S&N shanghai offices to ensure we work closely together. 

China has a wide market for sourcing so we are able to source and manufacture a wide variety of products. 

We can also supply retailers directly from China, therefore we can offer prices to supply from the UK and China. 

Our India Set Up


S&N India is based in Kolkata, situated in Northern India, and has its own port, making it very easy for us to ship containers from this location on a frequent basis. Our pot pourri is manufactured in India.  Having such a good team in India does mean we can source items such as ceramics, oil burners and glass bowls. ​A member of staff from our UK office spends 5-6 months of the year in India to ensure there are no communication gaps between our UK and India offices, keeping both offices working closely together to provide the best service

As well as manufacturing other retailers brands, we have two of our own brands "James & Co Fragrance" & "Greenfield Herbs" . Get in contact with us to find out more..


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