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offering a stress free, comprehensive and fully bespoke product development service tailored to suit yours and your target customers needs



The diffuser market has seen a massive growth,

diffusers are now a key and an essential product of the home fragrance industry, many retailers are stocking diffusers in many different sizes, at many different entry points.

The design capabilities and potentials of reed diffusers are endless, with unique vessels, textured features - you don't even need liquid fragrance within your reed diffuser anymore! S&N supply pre fragranced diffuser reeds.

Diffusers for S&N are one of our strongest products,

for both price and lead time. We hold stock vessels here on site which allows us to turn around orders within a 4-6 week period, as well as being able to offer them FOB from S&N China.


Candles have always been a classic touch to any home, in particular within the cosy autumn/winter season, however we are now seeing most retailers offer core and spa collection candles all year round. Candles are now part of home decor, where customers tend to display their candles for visual purposes opposed to burning them. 

Candle vessels and style opportunities are limitless, the S&N design team in the UK and China are constantly evaluating new upcoming trends, as well as eco friendly reusable holders. We pour, fragrance and blend all of our candles within S&N China and S&N UK, we can offer soy, natural, paraffin and beeswax.



After the last decade of pot pourri traditionally being very seasonal, in-particular within the Winter months, the pot pourri market has blossomed to spring/summer. Fun shaped pot pourri vessels such as coloured cages are increasingly in demand, with light pastel petals and floral mixes working well for a fresh feel. 

Our design team are proposing reusable vessels for spring summer, such as glass jars, vases, hanging cages and open gift boxes. This reduces waste packaging and also allows our customers to give more from their brand.

Our pot pourri is picked, fragranced, coloured and dried within S&N India.

refresher oils, room sprays, ceramics etc.

S&N Group offer home fragrance accessories where the list is endless! Our sourcing team are looking at the latest trends weekly to introduce to our customers. 

Home fragrance accessories include refresher oils, room sprays, ceramics, incense sticks, scented sachets, candle snuffers, matches, bath bombs and much more! Retailers will offer accessories as a trend driven line opposed to core, these work well for seasonal buys on shelf.

Our accessories are made within S&N Group, being all 3 of our international locations: The UK, China & India.

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